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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fuck me; is this really happening?

Well another day in my Life that recently has been filled with nothing but crap crap and more crap:(. I had to take the bus to work today and while running for it, my blackberry must have fallen out of my pocket! By the time I had decided I had no more time to look for it, it was to late to catch another bus so I was forced to take a cab down to work. Twenty five dollars later I get there and boy, how the hell am I going to do this? It's been a little over twelve hours and I am going completely nuts; am totally lost! For I used my bb for Everything, from my work to shopping lists, my friends and family, and writing poetry. I won't last much longer without it; my whole life has become dependent on it. Which is really quite amazing, as I am not the only one to feel like that. Lots of people couldn't function one day without their smartphones; they have truly become a nessecity in our day to day lives. So for now I am phoneless, thank the good lord for Facebook, and I also have a nifty texting app on my iPod touch; when I'm at home it won't be that bad, yet I am going to be totally lost without it during the day. I also am horrible at directions and its gps has saved me from getting lost countless times! Right now I'm just praying to god I get it back; my whole life will be on hold without it.

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