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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Good Ol' Days

  I sit here today and think back.  To simpler times; when I would wait in class for the recess bell to ring, count down the minutes until three o'clock.  Those were the days; no bills to pay, just living by the day.  Funny, it wasn't that long ago, yet it feels like a lifetime.  It makes me laugh to remember all the things I used to find amusing back then; the toys, the games...all the fads.
  The music back then was so much better; not to say I don't like all the modern music now, but the songs from years ago seemed to have so much more feeling to them.  Of course back then there were no iPods, MP3's, or Smartphones.  When I was in school I had my good old Walkmen cassette player.  I would have a big fanny pack to carry it in and had to keep switching sides of the tapes.  I sit here now smiling and slowly shaking my head, it's really a wonder how far technology has taken us. I still remember how excited I was when my grandma bought me a Fisher CD Walkman!  Oh how I treasured that back then.  It was anti skip (remember how much trouble you could have trying to listen to a CD while running or even walking?) and shock resistant, whatever that meant.  As I unwrapped it I had a big smile across my face.  Nowadays, who doesn't have an iPod?  Even young kids have iPhones or iPods now; they've completely dominated the mp3 and cell phone market for years now.
  In school, there were Gameboys (remember the original one?  Gray and literally inches thick, with a black and white display), Pokemon, Razor Scooters, oh....who can forget the short lived return of Pogo sticks!  Ah, those were the good days; who really, doesn't want to be a kid again?  If only for a short time.  When I was young all I could think about was how I couldn't wait until I grew up; oh man, wouldn't life be sweet as an adult!  I could drive cars, eat whatever I want, go to bed whenever I want....yes, certainly it was wayyyy better than being stuck a kid having to listen to those stupid adults!
  I would kill to go back to those days now; I'm sick of paying bills, sick of working everyday, sick of how complicated relationships have become.  My imagination used to run wild in those years; now, I can't even write a fiction story without getting a blank mind after a few pages. Yeah sure, you didn't have much freedom with adults watching over your every move, but what really is freedom?   When I think about it, I had just as much freedom back then as I do now, maybe even more.  When you grow up, yes there's a lot more things you can do, yet you're still bound in ways.  I can't not go to work; can't just call them and say, 'it's so nice out today that I thought I would play in the park, be in tomorrow.'  Regardless of what else I want to do, I have to get my a** to work on time, five days a week, fifty two weeks a year.    You can't just relax in school without worries, playing board games, drawing, painting....no, you have your career to think about.  Consequently, you'd better study hard and get good grades if you want to succeed.  The time for all the fun stuff is over; now it's time to study...and study...and study.  Remember how you could eat anything when you were young and not worry about it?  Well, say goodbye to candy, say farewell to pizza and pop; those kinda diets will not only pack on the pounds, but steal years away from your life as well.  Looks weren't as important when you were a kid; now, everybody wants to look their best for that special someone, or if single, wants to attract that special someone.
   That's why you look at kids, babies, and can't help smiling; at their innocence, their easy laughter.  I miss those days already.  The simple innocence of children is something we can never get back once it's gone, but I will always have the memories, of those simpler days; a lifetime ago.

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