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Thursday, July 14, 2011

No phone= alone

It's amazing that when it comes to having friends, and talking to people, if you don't have a cell phone you are basically screwed in this day and age.   I found that out recently for myself when I lost my phone; all communication with other people virtually stopped.   Yes, there's always Facebook but, for me at least, that didn't count for a whole lot.  I got a few messages from friends and family, yet it was more of a once a day thing; didn't really have any back and forth that conversations are all about.   I hated going without talking to the ones I love the most, and this has only been in two days!  I couldn't even begin to imagine the time when people didn't have cell phones glued to their ears, or for that matter, didn't even have landlines.   Yes, I'm talking about the days when if one wanted to get in touch with another, they sent them a letter; a good, old fashioned written-by-hand, letter.  And then waited, days or even months sometimes, to hear back from them. I was going crazy after two days; I would forget how to talk after months!  Before this happened, I never figured myself for the extremely social kind, yet when it comes to those I love, even a few days hardly speaking is an eternity for me.

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