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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kids These Days; I Feel So Old

      At nineteen, I feel about thirty.  Looking around and talking to my peers, I can't believe how they are.  Yes, I may be leaning on stereotypes a little bit here, yet it seems to be more or less the "norm".  The other day, I was talking to a co worker of mine; he seemed to be your average young guy.  Working and going to school, he both studies and parties; drinks and dances.  And when the conversation wandered into the likely topic of "girls", I was blown away!  He's single, from what I have gathered, yet is always with one girl or the other.  That is his Saturday night; get off work, go to the club with friends, and go home with a girl.  Now, what can I say to that?  I would say, "damn! he's a lucky SOB", except what he does just doesn't appeal all that much to me.  Having a one night stand isn't bad; sure you have a great time with no strings attached, no worries.  Yet I don't see how it can be that simple.  What if the girl wakes up the next morning and thinks, "well I would like to see him again"; are you just going to ignore her when she calls?  Or are you going to tell her you just wanted to sleep with her, nothing else, so go find someone else.  I personally couldn't do that; wouldn't do that.  It's just not right to play with someones emotions like that.  Of course, it's not like they love you and you're crushing them, that's a whole different topic for another day; rather, it's simply rude, not courteous.  Even if you let her know what your goal is that night before you take her home, she could feel differently the morning after.  The horrible thing, in my opinion, about human emotions is that they are never the same and can change in a heartbeat.   So be careful when treading around them. People say you can have sex without bringing emotions into it; I say that's bull***t.  No matter how hard you try, or even if you think otherwise, I believe there are always some deeper emotions to go with it.  Why do people go to clubs alone in the first place?  Yes, maybe they just want to get laid, yet they also could be lonely in their life and are simply looking for someone to talk to; a friend above all.  I feel, and I think most would agree, that is way more important to emotional stability in the long run than just spending a night here and there with random strangers every week.  Human emotions are among one of the most complicated and misunderstood workings of the brain in the world.  So how can we act as if they aren't?

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