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Friday, July 22, 2011

You Think It Would Be Easy To Get Money

Money's everywhere; yes, it doesn't grow on trees, yet you would think it would be easy to borrow. With all the credit cards, banks, and financial companies out there, I imagined borrowing a few thousand would be simple. I am supposed to be getting my scooter and driving it home right this minute; yet I am siting here at the bank. All I need is a few thousand dollars; not that much money for a bank loan, right? Yet they make it so complicated! You need to have a credit check, since I haven't worked long enough I need to have a co signer (my mom in this case). Then we have to wait to be approved. So freaking complicated.
Good news though; as I write this our banker has already informed us that the loan has been approved and we'll be on our way in a few moments. I would say this is my lucky day, yet I really have lost faith in the notion of luck. I believe that bad luck exists in abundance; as for good luck though, I seem to have missed that part of life. All I can hope for from this moment on is that this scooter lasts me a good amount of years; that would be a huge blessing!
So I pray on this day that He is listening and hears my prayers. For He truly is all knowing, all seeing. May God bless this vehicle of mine and may it be the last one I have to get.

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