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Monday, July 18, 2011

I Don't Care How I Sound; I'm Going to Sing

  We've all seen them; those people who will be walking down the street singing to themselves.  There mostly just quietly reciting the song for their ears, yet there are those who virtually scream as if the world was their audience.  Some have really good voices; most don't.   I have a secret confession to make; I am one of those people.  While my short term memory is just horrible, I can easily recall the words to a good majority of the thousands of songs on my ipod.  Whether it be rap, hip hop, jazz, folk, anything really, after listening to it a few times, I've usually got it down enough to sing along.  Then there's those songs that I have completely memorized; James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" for example.  I don't get embarrassed, and it's not uncommon to find me walking down the street singing.  In fact, I'm the type of person that looks up the lyrics to songs, listens to the song while reading along, and after a few listens, it's in my head.   The hardest part in singing a song correctly isn't getting the words right; rather, it's getting the tempo of them correct.  Yet it's fun to get lost in singing; you always have your voice wherever you are and whatever you're doing.  I sing mostly at home and when in the car, but you can catch me singing when I'm at the gym as well.  You know when your favorite song comes on and you just have to sing along?  So I'll be working out on the elliptical or stair master and the song will come on and I'll spontaneously break out and sing along.   Needless to say I've gotten some odd stares and glaces from the people beside me!  There's a guy at the gym that sings in the shower every morning; same time every day.  I will be outside and guys will be changing and then hear this singing echoing off the shower stalls.  He's singing again, they will say with a smile.    He comes out wrapped in his towel like nothing happened, cool as a cucumber.  Ah, yes it's always good to have music in our lives; who says I can't be the one to provide it, whether you asked or not!

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