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Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Grateful! And pissed!

Well, part of my stress dropped away this morning when I found my lost Blackberry.  It turned out I did drop it where I first thought; by the bus stop at fourth and MacDonald.  It was given to the owner of the corner store Nadie's Produce.   What I'm utterly pissed off about is that he had it the whole time it was ringing and didn't think to answer it!  Like honestly, how stupid are you?   I'm not in any way blaming him bc it was certainly my fault that I lost it, yet isn't it common sense to pick up a ringing cell phone when it's lost?  I have probably called it about fifty times in the last two days and still he doesn't pick up?  Oh well, I'm overjoyed to get it back; I didn't think it had been stolen.  Yet now I am stuck with this other phone which I have to pay a hundred bucks for.

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