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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Are People So Random?

  I know lot's, if not everyone, who's met me would say that I have OCD.  Yet that's simply not true; I like to have things in their place.  All neat and tidy, with relationships that is; my house is a disaster.  The obvious thing that comes to mind is, people aren't computers; they don't have the exact same schedule everyday, nor do they have the same thoughts.  While I understand this in theory, I don't get it.  Mostly my experience is with communication.  I like to talk to people at certain times; to say good-morning everyday, to say goodnight at the end of the day.  Yet from talking to friends and family, it seems that I am crazy to expect that.  To me it's a simple notion; before I go to bed I text the people I love and say goodnight.  I always do this every night; some I don't expect a reply from, others I do.  It is beyond me to think they might be busy at that time when the previous night they weren't.
  Mostly everything in my life is on a routine of some sorts; I wake up at five thirty five days a week and arrive at the gym between six and six fifthteen, where 99% of the time I change in the same area of the locker room and use the same locker.   On weekends, since the gym doesn't open until seven, I am up by six fifthteen and there at seven. Barring any injuries, my workouts take the same amount of time, plus or minus ten minutes.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning, drive the same speed to the gym.  Simple right?
  I cook my food the same way, wear jeans everyday.  I am a man that thrives on routine.
  That's why it literary stops me in my tracks to think why people can text me at eight thirty one morning and eleven the next.  How is that even possible?  I wake up expecting my day to be the same as it was yesterday; that little slip up in my day that is not hearing from friends at the same time drives me nuts.   Like how it is possible for people to be so random?  I just don't get it; without routine you get chaos.  That's why I was taking cabs when I didn't have a car; if I had taken a bus my whole schedule would've been completely out of whack.  As it was, I had to make some adjustments and was still almost late for work.  I feel so much better now that I have a vehicle again!
   It's for this reason I don't go on vacations; who knows what's going to happen?  I went to Costa Rica about seven years back and while it was a nice country, I wanted to go home very soon after getting there.  It was just to random for me; not knowing where you're going to stay that night, what you're going to eat, everyday was different.  No thanks, I'm happy to stay at home in the same city I've lived my whole life.  I know all the streets, the neighborhoods, the beaches, the stores; it's all very good and steady living.
  So I apologize to all the people that are patient enough to put up with me; you guys are the best and I love you more than anything, but your randomness drives me nuts!


  1. It's not randomness, Daniel, it's flexibility. It's life! Everything is flux, and without constant change nothing beautiful could exist. If I did the exact same things at the exact same time every day of my life, I would be utterly depressed. I need... spontaneity. I need adventure!
    I don't know if you have OCD or not. But I do know it is unrealistic to expect that level of 'sameness' from the people in your life. :)

  2. But you have randomness all the time! You just can't plan the stuff that life brings- think about when you ran your car into that pole! You have to learn how to change and adapt. Routine won't be possible when the apocalypse comes!!!!!! THE APOCALYPSE!