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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time to Exchange the Car for the Motorcycle

  Well, I was warned, by family, friends, and even some fellow fitness enthusiasts at the gym; with all the accidents I've had, my insurance is going to skyrocket.  Well, sure enough, I was on the phone with the broker the other day, because my dealer already found me another Smart car, and after typing in her computer she comes back on the line and tells me to insure another car will cost me EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS a year!  You can imagine my reaction; you've got to be f**kin kidding me!  Of course, I didn't really swear; being polite first and foremost always in my mind; after all, she's not the idiot at ICBC who decided to abolish my messily little 15% discount for safe driving (which would've been bad enough) and tack on a 30% SURCHARGE.  I still am reeling at this turn of events; obviously there's no way I can afford to get that car now; I could practically buy a new car every year with the amount I would be spending on insurance!  So once again, it seems my only option for now is getting yet another motorbike.  Yet even with a bike, my premiums are going to be around three thousand!  Compare that to the one thousand I was paying for my previous motorcycle and it's still staggering!   I just pray and hope to any God willing to listen that I don't have any more collisions; I literally can't afford it anymore. The next bike I get, I'm vowing to keep for a longgg time, although with the way my luck's been in the past...... who really knows?   I already miss having a car; back to getting drenched in the rain, taking cabs in the snow, and having hardly any storage for my one hours grocery shopping sprees.

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