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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seriously, It's a Multi-Million Dollar Company; Run it Properly!

  I only been a member at Fitness World, or as it's now called, Steve Nash Fitness World, for only a little over a year now.  While I am mostly satisfied at the facility, it's things like this morning that totally appall me and wish I had a different gym to go to.
  I was up at quarter after six as usual this morning, ready to be at the gym at seven for my workout.  It was a beautiful morning, bright and sunny with a promise of a warm day ahead.  Finally getting back to lifting weights just recently after a three month hiatus due to injuries, I was pumped and ready to lift that iron.  So imagine my utter disappointment and shock when I got there at seven when it was supposed to open and everyone's just waiting outside the doors.  The gym was there in all it's glory, if it wasn't for the locked glass doors preventing my access.  Inquiring as to the reason for this, I learnt that the women who was opening that day had dropped her keys down the elevator shaft!
  I was speechless; just shaking my head at yet another black mark on the staff at this club.  Of all the things, this is just carelessness.  Yes, of course it was an accident, and we're all human in the end, but how the hell do you do that?  I can just imagine she was hurrying to get to work on time and had her keys in her hand ready to go; one slip of the fingers and down they went.  Now, I have a schedule that I like to keep to; get to the gym early, leave early.  This leaves me time to get the rest of my work done for the day.  When things like this happen, it completely f*cks me up!  Not only does it make me rushed for the day (thank god I wasn't working today), but it screws up my meal times as well.  I was really frustrated at not only the woman, but the whole establishment!
  I would be more understanding if this was the first time it happened, we all make mistakes and have to realize that no one's perfect, but this is becoming a regular occurrence at this gym.  There was a girl working for Fitness World recently who was one of the most irresponsible employees I've ever seen at a gym.  Whereas you can let things like this morning go because you understand that mistakes are occasionally made,  with this employee it wasn't something you could let go (in fact I heard a few people canceled their memberships because of her incompetence).  She would be late, at least one day, almost every week! She was the main person who opened and when you're the only one opening in the morning (another flaw in Fitness World's staffing) YOU NEED TO BE ON TIME!  I would wait most weekends when she was at least five minutes late in the morning.  Every weekend people would be gathered outside the club waiting for the girl to finally show up.  Yes, it's only five minutes (sometimes ten), but as I said it's a huge company and therefore should open on time.  Could you imagine if every place did that?    There were numerous complaints about this particular girl because a lot of people go to my gym in the early morning.
  The final straw was when she was hours late one day.  It was a Friday if my memory serves me, and I got there as usual and was very surprised this time to find people waiting.  If it was a weekend, I would probably expect to wait, but during the week the gym opens at five.  When I got there, people had already been waiting for almost AN HOUR AND A HALF!  Most had to leave to get to work, missing those cherished workouts.  I could not believe how irresponsible Fitness World was being!  To keep this lady employed after being late so many times was just showing that they don't care about their customers.  I had no clue when, and if, the gym was going to open so I ended up going to Gold's Gym up in UBC.  Even still, it through off my whole schedule almost an hour that day, and this time I did have to work.  Of course, after that morning's fiasco, they fired her; FINALLY!   It later turned out that she never even SHOWED UP at all and someone else had to come and open.  I was really disappointed in the way the management handled it as well, not so much as even an apology to the members.  In my opinion, they should have reimbursed us for that month's dues.  I had to pay fifthteen dollars to get into Gold's Gym as I wasn't a member; it would've been the least they could do.
  A simple solution to this problem would be to simply schedule two people to open; that way if something happens to one person then there will be a backup.  Sounds pretty doable to me, since they can't seem to secure competent employees to work for them.  I pay almost fifty dollars a month to be a member there; make sure the gym is open on time!!  Is that really too much to ask?

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