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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Day of Summer; Last Day of Freedom

  Well, this is it, I'm going to back to school tomorrow; this is officially my last day of summer.  And I am having a bloody good day at that!  I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off on Saturday, cooking, shopping, and just generally getting everything ready for school on Monday.   As much as it would've been easier to do some of the work today, I am glad to be able to fully relax today.  Things are about to get crazy in starting tomorrow.

  I'm at English Bay, basking in the beautiful, hot sunshine.   One of the nicer days we've seen lately, the beach is packed, people enjoying the sun before it disappears for months.  While most students have started university and college, my course started a week after the rest; lucky me!   While it's been a terribly long summer, and while just about everything that can happen did, I am glad it's back to school.   Nevertheless, I wish the weather would stay like this!
  I am now moved into my new room, and I think I am going to love it; right now though it's crammed full of boxes and shelves, the latter of which I am clueless when it comes to putting them up.   I think I may have to beg my uncle to come over and help me (maybe throw in a six pack or two to entice him!).   In addition to the shelves, I have bookcases to put up, and I have a lot of books.   Yet because the carpet in the room is so soft and uneven, these too will have to be anchored to the wall.
  With my mom now officially moved out and leaving in a matter of weeks, the race is on to find a roommate for the empty room.  I have high hopes that a lady I've been in communication with through e-mail over the last few weeks will be the one to move in.  As much as I like meeting new people, trying to email people the details, pictures, and showing them the room in person aren't very fun aspects of my life right now; I have my fingers crossed that the job she's waiting on will come through.
  Along with everything else on my plate right now, my love woes continue.  I'm staying in this relationship with this girl when, for all intents and purposes, we shouldn't have been friends in the first place.  With her being a introverted women who likes to keep, rather who insists on keeping, the relationship long distance, while I am a person who could literally spend all day, everyday, with her and who believes that friends should see each other often, we are like two opposite magnets; nevertheless, I keep trying to change her opinions a bit, and she holds steadfast through it all.   I am beginning to wonder if our efforts in this relationship are futile.  For while she is the girl of my dreams, I am cast out from hers, yet my heart keeps trying to win hers.   It's become a relationship where I look at and just shake my head; wondering what the heck I am doing falling in love with her in the first place.  Somehow, we are still remaining friends through all this, barely.  I am having serious doubts that it won't work out in the long run and I had better end it before either of us gets badly hurt. On the other hand, the love I feel for her is making me darn well in denial of this whole thing; we all know how dangerous that can be!  The only thing to do at this point is to go with the flow and see where we end up; yet it gives me serious pause whether I want another relationship with a woman.
   With everything done, the only exception is having to get my food for tomorrow together, I am looking forward to going to The Backstage Lounge again tonight.  Unfortunately, the music doesn't run much later than eleven on Sundays, but it's as well that I should go to bed early tonight anyways; after all, I should at least try to get more sleep now that I actually have to use that thing in my head that is my brain.    The only other thing that I sorta, kinda, should do is find a job.  Yet as my printer is broken again anyways, it's all going to be done online.  Even though it's really not a good idea to get another job right now with my track record, there are things I want, especially, an iPad or some other form of tablet, and let's not forget my ridiculously expensive insurance.   So I may have to drag my a** to a few more interviews in the near future; my first priority though will be making sure I do well in school.
  In conclusion, while this has been a...well...let's say interesting summer, it is over now and I really need to work my butt off to make sure I have a shot at this career I've chosen.   With living on my own (meaning I have to get all my food, pay bills, clean the house, and all that other fun stuff we all love), my life is going to have to go through somewhat of a makeover, and I'm going to have to be organized to perfection if I am going to be able to pull it off.   So.....it begins....

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