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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

That's It! F*ck It

  What a beautiful day!  The sun is out in full force and it's hot hot hot down in Yaletown. This is one of my favorite places in the city, along with UBC and Kits, and it's a perfect day to be sitting on the seawall writing.  I've been out of work for awhile now, not counting a brief stint at Vera's, and with school starting next week anyways, for now my mind says "F*ck It!".   Not that I don't think working is fun, which for the most part I've found it is, but rather; I've been fired from enough jobs this summer to have a pretty good idea that I might as well stop looking and concentrate on becoming a personal trainer.

  I am bristling in excitement for the first day of school; which starts on Monday.  As much as I think it will be hard, it's a challenge I am looking forward to very much.  I have been into fitness and nutrition for years now, and to finally actually be taught about it is going to be a blast.  
  Of course, I am not completely clueless when it comes to the body; I've been reading books and articles on muscles and nutrients for a few years, but never actually had a chance to be taught and ask questions before.  This is going to be my opportunity.  Since I am going to be in class forty hours a week, there will be a huge amount of information to take in and retain; with my short term memory loss, it will definitely be a challenge, yet I am planning on taking a boatload of notes while in class.  I have also been told that a lot of the training is "hands on" so that will be a huge help; I learn much better that way.
   I know I will need to sit down and give myself a pep talk before the first day of class, for if there's one thing I know it is this; with class starting at nine and going for eight hours, I darn well better be organized to the max.  There will be no time for forgetting things, like my food, my books, my pen; all things that with my memory I am likely to leave at home.  It's going to take dedication and some serious untililization of my smartphone but I know I will figure out a way to get it done.
  Even with all that and the work to come, I am super excited as I believe I mentioned.  This will be the first time I have had to go to "class" in almost a year and it is going to completely change my life and the routine I've settled into.  Yet the teachers seem great, I can eat in class, and maybe I'll even meet some new friends, although I'm still not sure if that's what I want or not.   The near future looks bright, and I'm going to do my best to just go with the flow and leave the rest up to God.

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