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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why Can't I Keep a Job?

  Surprise surprise, I'm out of work again!  With this being the third job I've been fired from since May, I'm running out of patience.  It seems employers these days expect their workers to learn the job overnight, never drink, and never eat; thus, I find myself where I am today.

  I had just started my new job at Vera's Burger Shack up in the lovely UBC.  I was excited for some weird reason, as I didn't want to work in the fast food industry every again after my past experiences.  Yet there I was,  with the manager seeming pretty nice and my awesome co workers, I thought I had found a place I could settle in to.  I should have known better by now.
  On my first day at Vera's, I was somewhat shocked; I had never worked at a place where all the food is freshly made.  You could go in, order a burger and fries, and watch them take the fresh meat and put it on the grill, then take fries and fry them up.  All you had to do was pick which burger you wanted and then you had a choice of a multitude of toppings; very very different from McDonald's.  At McDick's everything was flash frozen, cooked, then put in a warming station for the speediest service possible.   Not so at Vera's.
  Another big difference between Vera's and every other fast food place I've worked (McDick's and the Costco Food Court) was the volume.   Yes, we could get quite busy, but it was nothing compared to the hours of line ups we'd get at Costco and especially McDonald's.  Case in point; at Vera's we only had one (count it, ONE) til.  That's it!  One customer at a time was all we did, whereas at the other places I worked, we served between four to eight customers at the same time. Yes, quite a difference indeed!
  I thought it was going well at Vera's; they didn't seem to mind me taking short breaks to eat, and our menu was pretty small so I got the hang of it quickly.  My co workers were all super nice and the manager seemed pretty cool as well.  I was apparently mistaken.
   My first clue came when he commented on how many breaks I needed to take; as everyone knows I need to eat every three hours, otherwise I start to lose focus and feel weak. Apparently, seemingly like everyone else who works in the restaurant industry, he seemed to feel that i didn't need to eat more than every six hours or so.  At first, when I explained that I literally only needed five minutes to grab a bite to eat, they seemed alright with that.  Yet it wasn't a few days later when the boss called me into the back and asked me why I needed to eat that often, saying it wasn't good for business.  Of course, my first response was "F**k Business!"  Nah, I'm kidding of course, I explained to him that I get light headed and jumpy when I don't eat often, getting a blank stare from him.  He couldn't for the life of him understand that I needed to have food in me if I was to be able to do any work.  As well, it was apparently taboo there to drink water, as he pointed out that I was drinking way to much water.  Well, f**k!  Excuse me if I get thirsty working in a boiling hot environment and talking to customers all day!  
   That wasn't all either; like White Spot, I wasn't learning fast enough for them, wasn't working fast enough.  Well sh*t!  What can they expect after I had only worked a few shifts?  I specifically told them about both my memory problem and my need to eat before I got hired, yet they still hired me; so where the heck do they get off firing me for the things I told them about!  
  It's a shame too for I love the UBC area and was happy to be working back up there.  Oh well, I can't say I'm that surprised; after all, I am kinda used to this by now.   I think that about does it for the restaurant industry; although maybe now because it seems, with my resume of only restaurants, those seem to be the only jobs I can get.  But I'm not trying to impress the employer doing the interview anymore; I will make sure they are fairly warned of all my "needs" before hiring me.  If they still decide to go ahead with it, then they better not f**king fire me this time!

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