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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Can I do It? There's so many distractions...

  Today I am trying to focus on the positive in my life; trying to be grateful for all I have instead of despairing over what I don't.  I need to stop getting stressed out and complaining about little everyday things that really, in the end, don't matter.  I really want to do this, for the next month at least.  It's just really hard to stay positive when there's so many forces trying to distract me.

   I had a hard day (or five hours at least) at my new job today; it was about a million degrees in there and it made it ten times harder for me to learn.  In addition to that, it was super busy all day and even to get a few minute break I had to beg; why managers think their staff don't need to eat is beyond me.  Nevertheless, it wasn't all bad; my co workers there are really nice and make it easier to get through the day.  I'm still learning, and will be for the next few months.  Yet I am really hoping that I don't get fired; that I have this job throughout my schooling.
  I am waiting for this guy to come view the suite; I told him to be here at five.  It's now half past and he hasn't shown; I am going to The Backstage Lounge soon and it's a waste of my time to be sitting around waiting for him.  I don't know why he's not responding to my emails; it's just rude.  I think I will wait a little longer and then go to the gym.  *sigh* *deep breath*; relax, relax, how big of deal is this really?  It's not something to blow out of proportion like I normally do with things; yet I do wish I had stayed at work now, since it doesn't look like he's coming anyways.
  For right now I am itching to get to the gym; I haven't been since this morning.  If he's not here by six, I will eat, go to the gym and then it's off to The Backstage Lounge.  I really hope they don't end early tonight; it's my second favourite part of the day!   Anyways, it's all good really, I had an awesome workout this morning; even though with my back still injured I had to keep the weight light.  I have a great night ahead of me and it couldn't be more beautiful out!

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