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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What A Beautiful City!

  Well, it was just so nice I had to go down to the beach.  So here I find myself at Jericho yet again, sitting in the hot sun and marvelling at this amazing city that is Vancouver.   The view itself is breath taking; sitting on a bench looking across the water I see West Vancouver, probably one of my favourite cities of all time.  It just has a different feel than here, smaller, cleaner, and somewhat more posh, if I may use that word.  Yet I thank my lucky stars to live five minutes away from two different beaches; lot's of people only dream of that.

  The mountains looming above both West and North Vancouver are an impressive sight; a greenish blue against the clear bright blue sky, they astound me.  Then below you have West Van, a small clutter of buildings, first near the mountain and descending towards the water, until from a distance it looks as if it is parallel with it.  The office buildings are smallish, not like some of the huge looming ones in downtown Vancouver; I can still bring up the picture in my mind of walking along the West Van seawall, looking out towards the city I love and reside.  
  Yet Kitsilano is still my favourite, with Spanish Banks and Jericho beaches dominating kilometres of shoreline.  Hardly ever crowded, the huge amount of beaches and parks seem to make even the largest crowd look small.  The parks have lushish green fields, providing room for picnics, games and just laying on your back looking at the sky.   There are ponds behind, where adorable ducklings paddle happily away, enjoying the warmth of the water.  Even further back we have forests, acres of them.  When the heat gets unbearable and the crowds get on your nerves, you can always take a refreshing stroll through the woods; it's amazing how quiet it is in there, even causing one to forget you're in the middle of an urban city.
  It is quite a city indeed; no wonder millions of tourists come here every year, again and again.  Even when it rains it's beautiful, the rain refreshing the whole city; every plant and animal taking a long drink after a hot summer.  The fall brings colours you wouldn't imagine, when the trees drop their leaves it's truly a sight to behold.  Just to look up at the bare tress, wondering at how they could possibly continue like this for hundreds of years; they are truly the life givers of the ages.
  Yes, this is a special city, one that still has a good reputation around the world.  While there's lots of rain, wind, and occasionally snow, I couldn't ask to live in a better place.  It's something I am truly thankful for; simply to live in such a desired, gorgeous city as Vancouver.   I want to live here forever, want to raise my kids here, show them all the wonders this city has to offer.   I want my wedding to be right here at Jericho, or perhaps down at Sunset beach; the sun setting behind us as I life the veil of my world, and give myself forever to another.

This Is Why I Can't Leave Vancouver!

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