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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Hurts

  Love. The root of all happiness, or the destruction of the soul.  It's often said that love complicates life; it truly does.
   I never really understood before that feeling you get; the one where your heart fills with joy when you see that one person, when you talk to them.  It doesn't make any logical sense; the same soaring of the spirit and the same goofy smile on your face every time.  You would think that over time this effect would fade away, and maybe it does; I haven't known anybody long enough to find out.  Yet so far it hasn't, and I'm stumped.  

  It can make you happy just to be with them; you don't even need to say anything.  Just to see them is enough to make your day; the best part of it always.  Learning about them fascinates you, even the little things.  You sit listen, mesmerized by their every word.  You feel their pain, their happiness, their anger.
  Yet just like love can make you laugh, can bring an instant smile to your face, can brighten up your whole day, it can also tear apart your whole world.  When it doesn't go the way you planned, and by that I mean the other doesn't love you back, then it can become the worst experience in your life.    Depending on how long you knew them, how long you loved them before you got hurt, it could effect your life in a big way.
  When it comes to relationships and love, all laws go out the window.  Surely after only less than a year you shouldn't feel this strongly about them, yet you do.  Definitely, you shouldn't long to spend your days with them, yet you do.  For sure you couldn't possibly be interested in learning everything about them, nevertheless you are.  You tell yourself that it's unreasonable, that it's not possible, all the while knowing what you're feeling is true and can't be changed.  It's a mind-blowing concept, love.  We will never fully understand it, and it varies so much from person to person.
  Yet the pain, the pain it can create can make you feel sometimes if it's worth it.  If the person doesn't feel the same you should let them go and stop loving them right?  Seems such a nice, simple concept; of course that's not the way it works.   If you could do that without feeling any pain it would be great; yet as long as you truly love them there will always be pain involved in some fashion or other.
  My cousin mentioned to me the other day that if you truly love someone that much, you should be able to live with the circumstances they place on you.   Yet my question is, what if the circumstances are meant to put distance between you and them, what if they don't even want to be friends?  How can you possibly except that?  Yet in most cases you have to; or the only option left is to take them completely out of your life.  Again, if they don't feel the same and you know you're only going to get badly hurt in the end the choice should be a simple, logical one right?  If only it were that easy.  If only it were that simple.

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