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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Remember When...

  I saw an old manager of mine from when I first started my job at McDonald's; I will always remember him for his peculiar name, Prince, and his good looks.  I haven't worked with him for over a year, and seeing him brought back memories and got me thinking how much I miss, the way life used to be.

  I used to be young, no bills to pay, no work to go to, school was mainly about making friends and having fun; it was all so easy.  There wasn't getting up in the morning to go to work; i got up to a home cooked breakfast my mom made, and then off to school.  Those were the really young days; I was truly a kid back then.
  Then there were the high school years; running through the halls just for fun.  Being late for class, and then ditching detention, to go out after school for a walk to the beach.  Then dinner at five, another walk or TV and in bed by eight.  God, those were the good times!  I remember the simple but huge thrill it was to wake up early, realize it was a PD day, and get to throw the covers back over my head and sleep in.
  There were also the younger days, when I was in elementary school; yet those were the kid days, when nothing you did really mattered, at least to me.  Most of all I remember playing, a lot!  Just walking outside when the recess bell rang (I could never understand why kids would run out and then when the bell rang again, back to class, as if there were a tornado behind them), playing outside in the sunlight.  So simple; so innocent.  I know those times are passed now; I will never really feel the same again.  Yet I also know that, sometimes, love can make you feel like a kid again.
  Speaking of the devil, I remember the time when girls were "ewww", gross.  When the boys would stay away from girls like they were the plague; for of course, they had "cooties".  When you stuck to your own gender most of the time, for if you didn't you'd better be prepared to hear verses of "Tom and Janey sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...."  We kids would have so much fun singing that; little did we know we would long more than anything to do that with the one we would fall for later on.  Yet it was all fun and games, there was no real love between girls and boys.   Not like when you're older; when you get your heart broken for the first time.  When you fall in love with someone you'll never have; when you get a crush on someone who doesn't even know your name. You never felt the crazy feeling you feel that is when you love someone so much and can't have them.  Yes, those were special days that we'll never get back; except maybe when we entire the afterlife.
  While I miss those days and would give anything to have them back, I am looking forward to the future as well.  I still have many good years ahead of me, time enough to shape and mold the near perfect life everyone wants; I couldn't be in a better country to do it either.  With freedom comes responsibility; with maturity comes pain, yet also a happiness you never can experience when you're a kid.  I look forward to those magical moments in life; looking into my brides eyes as I lift the veil, seeing the look on her face everyday as she tells me she loves me, sharing a life together in harmony.  And most of all, most of all, reliving all my childhood through the eyes of my child.  I can't wait; I have so much in this life to look forward to, so many happy years yet to come!

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