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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Keep From Losing Love?

You Never Stop Loving Someone
You Either Were Never In Love With Them
Or You Still Are
    Hopefully it's something you never have to experience in your life; yet unfortunately most people do.  How do you hang on to the one person or persons you really love?  Sometimes, you get to a point in a relationship when you can just feel something's different.  Maybe it starts out great; you're really good friends and have a lot of fun together. Then the inevitable arrives against all your greatest efforts and hopes; you have deeper feelings for them then they have for you.  I've written lots about this so far; when you love someone to a degree that they just don't feel.
  I am talking about the kind of love where you want to learn everything about them; want to spend time with them, no matter if they are in a bad mood or not.  When just their smile makes your whole day; when you can be perfectly content just staring into their eyes.  That kind of love is just indescribable really; you look at them or think of them and feel so much affection for them that you're at loss for words.
  You want to understand them, well enough to be able to know how they are feeling from just a look at their face; from just a simple conversation with them.  You are willing to go anywhere to meet them, do anything; the only thing you care about is being there with them.
  Yet what do you do when they don't feel the same way?  Or even close to that way?  You try to make it  work; to play by their rules.  The problem with that is love doesn't have rules; sooner or later you will start to miss them like crazy.  Maybe start to question the relationship; wondering why they don't seem to feel very much for you.  Those are dangerous thoughts; as I've said before they could easily lead to resentment, my most hated emotion.
  You can talk to them about it of course, try to understand how they feel and why they feel that way.  Then you have to look inside yourself; sit down and have a talk with yourself.  Think of all the emotions you feel, think of how your life was before that person came into it; how it has changed since.  The decision you make is not a light one that can be reversed.  It will hurt you; it will hurt them.  Yet sometimes it's worth taking that leap into uncharted waters; not everyone is meant to be friends.  When you both feel so much differently about the other, it creates tension everyday in the relationship.  This tension can be light and easily worked off, or it could be the kind that envelops you; eats away at you everyday until you're an emotional wreck.  Everyone has to compromise to some degree in any relationship, yet when one person is so unwilling to make any concessions it might not work out.  As everyone knows, relationships are about give and take; without it you're just asking for trouble.  So while you may love that person to death; be absolutely crazy about them, sometimes you have to realize that they don't feel the same way about you and it will always be an issue.  The best, albeit hardest thing you may have to do, is give them up.


  1. I think everyone has (or will) experience this phenomenon to some degree in their lives... I know I have. It's just fate's way of saying it's not meant to be, which is encouraging: it means there is something better waiting for you.

  2. There's always that possibilty; that's why you never lose hope. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that from time to time. Nevertheless, it can take years to mend a broken heart. While taking the plunge into love is essential to life, sometimes you need to realize it isn't meant to be and get yourself out before you start to drown.