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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only You Know What's Best; Look Inside Your Heart

   I often ask myself, is love worth the pain?   My answer always was the same; of course it is, what's life without love?  Yet I'm not so sure anymore.  If each day you hurt because of your love for someone, is it really worth still keeping the relationship alive?  I think each one of us would have a different answer because when it comes to emotions, there's not a generic "solve all" solution.
  While you may not be able to help who you love, nor the intensity of that love, what you can do is decide if you can live with it still alive and breathing.  Each and everyday you may still be friends, may talk each night, yet if they don't feel the same and you don't mean all that much to them, you have a problem.  It hurts immensely and can be emotionally draining to love someone who doesn't feel the same, yet you're still friends. It all comes back to how they feel about you.  If you're friends with someone, and you deeply love the other and consider them your world, and your friend just thinks the relationship between you is just a casual thing, someone's going to end up getting very hurt; the chances are it won't be them.
  It may be better to just end the relationship before it gets any worst; for while you will eventually get over the other person once it's ended, if you remain friends and try to ignore it, you could spend everyday with a part of yourself hurting like crazy.  Love's definitely not a easy thing in life. It can be the best part of it, or it can be the part that causes incredible pain; I would say it's often both.  It's up to you to decide how much of it you want in your life; unfortunately it's not as simple as deciding you're not going to love someone just because you don't want to.
  It's not a easy decision to make, and most people make choices that they regret afterwards. Nevertheless, it isn't right to be in a relationship where you're always feeling a little pain at the circumstances; always wondering what you really mean to that person.  It may just be small at first, but emotional pain can spread fast through the body, sometimes leaving scars that will never fully heal.

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