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Friday, August 26, 2011

So Much To Do; So Little Time

  Well, here I am at The Backstage Lounge again.  It's looking to be a fun night (my feet are tapping, my head is bopping and I am aching to get on that dance floor!).  For a night out on the town, you can't really beat this place.  Excellent music, awesome staff, awesome customers, just a all around good place to go.  It's jazz/swing night here, and the dance floor is hopping.  Of course, I shouldn't stay late as I'm getting up early tomorrow, but you know what?  F*ck sleep!   I'm getting so much older everyday and soon will not be able to do this nightly.

  It's funny, I had wanted to go to a bar for so long, and never even knew this place existed; I am so glad to have found it!  All the staff know me, the manager likes me...u know what..I have to go dance!  Back in a bit!
  ..........That was a fun night!  Or shall I say "this"; the night isn't over yet.  Nevertheless, I am now at home; the dancing being done I just couldn't keep up to. It's only midnight right now.  Yet I had my fun; it's always a pleasure at The Backstage Lounge.  I am tired today; these last few days have been especially taxing on me, and to add insult to injury I haven't been sleeping much more than three/four hours a night.  I'm hoping for a good night's sleep this evening; being as it's Saturday tomorrow I will hopefully get a whopping six hours of sleep.
  With only a few weeks (I really hope) before my mom moves out and a roommate moves in, there's still lots to be done in my house.  Cleaning; everything has to be cleaned!  This place is currently a disaster; everything from my room is in the living room, creating a wall of stuff with just a foot space in between to walk by.  Things are slowly (and I mean slowly) getting done around here.  I am hoping to find a roommate soon, yet there's one little problem; as the place looks now it's not the most appealing.  Therefore, I just have to be hopeful that the prospective roommates can see past the clutter in the living room; after all, it will be gone by the time they move in.
  With so much in my mind right now, I'm thankful I have somewhere to go dance and relax at the end of the night.  I know I will feel a lot better once I have a roommate moved in, and my mom (and all her crap) moved out.  Until then, there's still lots of work to be done; scheduling a viewing of the room isn't that easy either.
Yet I'm confident that by the time my mother leaves, I will have gotten the first months rent from someone and it will all work out fine.  To end off with the famous saying of Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

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