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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still No Roommate....

  Well, my ads been in Cragslist for a few weeks now; yet I'm still left scrambling to find someone to move in.  Thankfully, my mom's decided to wait until October to leave, so I have another month to keep looking.  With lowering the price, I'm not really sure what's keeping people from being interested.

  I really am stumped; it's not like it's a bad place to live.  What with two yards, a private deck, and a ten minute walk to the beach, I'm wondering why people wouldn't be responding.  Granted, the place is only eight hundred square feet, yet it has everything you would need.  The floors in the living room are laminate, the bathroom and kitchen are tiled, we have laundry; yup, I'm totally stumped!
  Looking in Cragslist myself, I don't believe the price we are offering is a bad one, or unfair.  We even have a nice new barbecue on the deck.  Yes, I am not sure what is throwing people off about the place.  It's not like I haven't gotten replies either; to the contrary I have gotten quite a few.  Yet they all decided against the place in the end.  I had one man to go so far as to say he wanted to move in, only to email me a while later to say that he had found a place with family instead.  
  I really really hope to get a roommate moved in soon; as I said I am getting inquiries almost daily.  There was one girl I was sorry to not live with; she didn't party, got up early, and was quiet and helpful.   It would've been so easy, yet it obviously wasn't meant to be.  If no one has taken the place by September 12, I am going to be in trouble; my course starts then, leaving me with virtually no time to show people the place.  So here's to hoping someone decides they like the place within the next two weeks.  I have my fingers crossed....

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