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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Roommate; A New Friend?

  Well, it was beginning to look bleak; for after a few weeks of having my ad in Cragslist, no one had replied.  Actually, that's not quite true; about five to ten people replied, yet ended up declining my offer. I thought maybe the rent (800) was too high, so down it went.  Well just a few days ago I got a reply from a student from Sweden who's attending UBC in the next year; he was very interested and wanted to see the place.  My hopes were high, as I was tired of scheduling viewings.
  After some emails back and forth, we finally decided on a time for him to come over and look around.  When I first met him, I liked him immediately.  He seemed very outgoing, friendly, and of course good looking.  In jeans and a dress shirt, having to go to a job interview after this, he was dressed to impress.  He had a very strong face, with prominent chin and cheek bones.  Only twenty years old, I think we'll get along well.   After several emails, it was revealed he doesn't smoke, drink, party, or anything else I would like to stay away from.  I was even more taken with him as he likes cats, and is apparently very neat.  I think this will work out well.   
  I do, however, have some apprehensions about having a roommate.  There will be a lot more work to do in my eyes; doing my share to keep the house clean, being quiet in the morning, having to share living space..yes it will definitely be a challenge.  My hopes are that we will become friends, as it will make living together a lot easier indeed.  Nevertheless, we will see how it all pans out; I am not even a tad worried about it.   Thankfully, the place is still reasonably large for two people.  I don't know how students can live five to a small apartment, or live in dorms, sleeping in the same room as your roommate.  I would find that extremely invading, as I already don't sleep very much.  The kitchen will be interesting as well, for it is the smallest area of the place, save the bathroom.  Currently, nary a day goes by when I am not in there cooking one thing or the other.  Yet I'm sure something can be worked out to our mutual liking.  Yes, indeed this will be an interesting experience in the highway of life.  One that I must say I am looking forward to.

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