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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer 2011; The Good, The Bad, And Everything in Between

  Well, it's not quite over yet, but my summer has more or less come to an end.  In September I will be heading back to school to start my career as a Personal Trainer, I just got a new job, I've loved, lost, found, and loved again.  My mom is moving out and I'm going to be living with a roommate or on my own, went through a few vehicles, a few jobs, reconnected with my cousins; yes it's been quite a summer by anyone's standards.
  I won't get into a lot of the job details (you can read about it here), nor will I get into the relationship ones; I've elaborated on those throughout many of my previous posts.  This is more a summery of the last few months.
  I left my job at McDonald's in a blaze of glory; started at White Spot the next day.  It felt weird to be working somewhere else after being employed by McD's for two years.  Yet the change was welcome; although evidently not by my new employers.  I was at White Spot a week before they fired me for incompetence, although that may not be the correct, or fair term.  Due to my memory loss, I hadn't learnt all the items I was to make by the end of my first week, so they simply told to bugger off.  Next was Costco, the food court to be exact.  I lasted somewhat longer there; it being similar to McDonald's I got the hang of most things fairly quickly.  Yet the time clock, along with my apparent "slowness in serving the orders" were my undoing.  After only two months they dismissed me.
  While driving home from Costco one night I loss track of the road (literally looked away for one second), causing my car to swerve and smash into a pole.  A long night at the hospital and a totaled car later, I went home with just a sore leg.  Vehicle number three down the drain.  I am back to a scooter now, albeit a fast 150cc one; paying a whopping three hundred dollars a month in insurance.  ICBC, the biggest con artists in history!  I am hoping that I will have this vehicle for a while; at least until my 120% surcharge goes back to zero.
   So I was out of work again; the bills piling up every which way.  Yet I was kinda feeling hopeless in the employment thing, so I just more or less chilled job wise for a month.  Then on a spur of the moment decision, I went back to UBC, and after walking around with resume in hand for twenty minutes, got hired on the spot at Vera's Burger Shack.  Despite the fact I had vowed when I left Costco to stay away from the food industry, I need the money to pay my staggering cell bill ($226) this month.  I worked my first shift there yesterday and it went well; hopefully it stays that way.
  While I was unemployed I planned for my future somewhat; I went to a private gym/school and signed up for the Personal Trainer course there.  It starts on the 12th or September and I can't wait!  Finally it seems my life(career wise anyways) is in motion, with the peak in sight.  It will be hard, I will be up at five everyday to go to the gym and be in class by nine, yet it's only 12 weeks until I'm certified; so really how can I complain?  Then, if all goes according to plan, it's off to Fitness World to work as a personal trainer.
  That has been my work life mainly so far this summer; there's also the personal life side, with a more or less disastrous (non existent) love life thrown in the mix.
  As I sit and write this, I am at Kitsilano Beach looking across the water at a beautiful sunset and the large powerful outline of the mountains against the dusk sky.  Just in my t-shirt, jeans, and sandals, it's a warm summer night; hopefully we still have a few more to go.  I have been in a complicated friendship with two lovely ladies I went to high school with many years ago, reconnecting with them when I found they also worked at McDonald's.  Complicated is an understatement when it comes to those two, as my love for them (one in particular) defies all reason.  Against my better judgement, I was swept off my feet by first one, then the other, then the first all over again.  I have been pondering this thing we call "love" for many months now, wondering how it can affect a person so strongly; the problems and difficulties that can occur when they don't feel the same.    Many sleepless nights were spent with my mind lost in thought over this; yet I'm still undecided as what to do.  I made promises I can't break, that I will never go back on.  So while I'm not fully satisfied in the relationship, I am working on it, which in the end is all you can ever do.
  I have discovered the love of family recently as well, getting back in touch with my lovely cousins after losing track of each other for years.  That was probably the best and happiest thing that happened this summer, bar none.  I discovered that, while I hadn't spoken or seen them in years, the love I feel for them is as strong as ever; they're family.  I can't thank them enough for the support they've given me over these last few months.  It was critical to my well being.  I say thanks and love you from the bottom of my heart.
Cragslist.  Yet I'm still optimistic someone will turn up.  In the meantime, it's time to pack up my room and get it cleaned and painted for the person (hopefully) wanting to move in.  Boy, is that ever a lot of work!  Yet it was a good opportunity to get rid of all my excess things.  I must have gotten rid of five boxes of crap.  I am looking forward to having a roommate, it will be an interesting adjustment for me.  Of course, my kitty of fifteen years is staying right here with me, so they will have to love cats.
  Yes, it has certainly been an interesting summer; maybe a little too interesting.  I am a man that thrives on routine, which according to my cousins is not going to get me very far in this life.  I am starting to realize what they said is indeed true, changes might have to be made.  I am not looking forward to the fall weather; am dreading the winter months.  Having a scooter now, I will end up spending a small fortune on cabs like I did last winter if it snows again.  Oh how I would love to live somewhere warm year round!  Yet that will come in time I hope, if my career is successful enough.  I wonder what the fall will bring?  New friends?  I think not!  I have too many to manage already.  I believe I will have my hands full with working on weekends, going to school forty hours a week, and taking care of all the other stuff in my life at the same time.  Luckily I'm good to go on little sleep; I certainly won't have time for that!  Yet at the end of the day, I know it will all work out; I will wake up tommorow just like I did today and continue this mysterous journey we call life.  It will not be easy; there will be laughs, tears, broken hearts, many more vehicles I fear, and maybe even a sensual relationship or two.  Who knows?  While I thrive on the known aspects of life, the unknown excites me as well. I brim in anticipation of what lays ahead for me, of what God has planned as my destiny.

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