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Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Sick of "the Interview"

   We've all been there before; sitting in front of our perspective boss while he/she determines if we are suited for the job or not.  Before going we make sure to look our best; shower, dress nicely, make sure we don't have any stray foodstuffs in our teeth.....always trying to impress.  After all, the first impression is the one that can get you the job.  
  We get there early, inquire politely as to where we are supposed to wait/go and then sit down and shut up until we are called.  For me at least, it's always the same; be on my best behaviour, be myself (but not my bad self), listen and answer all questions fully; yadda yadda yadda, we all know how this works.
  I've had a lot of interviews for my age; way more than I should in my opinion. Let me tell you, while it's all something we have to do and can't really complain too much about because after all, we wouldn't be there if we didn't need money right?,  I'm getting awfully sick of them.   It wouldn't be so bad if you went and had the interview (I've rarely had a interview that lasted more than twenty minutes or so). It's all the waiting for the managers to be free that is trying.  I find the chances are slim to none that the time they give you is actually the time you will be starting.
   I've had it all happen to me; gotten there on time and went in right away, waited anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to go in, have had times where the manager completely forgot about the whole thing and didn't bother to tell me. It's all very time consuming; fine if you are unemployed, troublesome if you are working another job in the meantime.  Yet it always comes down to the simple fact; except for a small minority we all have to work for a living.
   Having said that, I wish the interview process was a bit different.  I understand the purpose of the interview; to determine if the employer thinks you're right for the position.  Pretty simple concept.  Yet it's all the other stuff that comes along with that; the waiting, the "second" interview, the "trial" period, the reference checks...why does it have to be such an ordeal?
   I think it should be solely based on experience and nothing else; of course that will never happen because every one of us humans are biased.    So what can you really do in the end but suck it up and deal with it?    If only it was done a little bit differently; if only the time they told you was the time of the interview.

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