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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where Does All the Junk Come From?

  In preparation for the up and coming move into the back bedroom of the house, I spent the night cleaning and clearing out my room.   I swear to god, the junk fairy keeps coming into my room and leaving crap that I don't need.  Every time I clean my room I throw away a big garbage bag of stuff.  Every time.  I don't buy stuff I don't use anymore, so I am not sure where all this stuff is coming from.  Maybe it's just the items I couldn't throw away last time but am able to this time.  Nevertheless, my room looks a lot better.
  I finally got rid of my desktop computer, which has been sitting dormant in my room for the last year and a half, after spending a long, tedious hour going through all the files and making sure I saved the ones I wanted; only then did I format the hard drive.   It's so nice to have that out of my room; it was taking up so much space!  I am planning to get myself a normal, conventional desk to write and study at.  
  I am still weary of getting rid of some things, which I really don't need in my life.  But as I already mentioned that in my last post I won't get into it again.    I was going to throw away all my old Nintendo consoles, but my cousin "strongly" persuaded me otherwise.  Apparently, I should sell them since I need the money; in yet another one of her infinite acts of kindness, she has offered to sell them for me.  While I have thought of selling them before, (I have three Gameboys, a Nintendo Game Cube, and all the accessories and games to go with them), I am just too lazy to do so.  Even giving them away for free seems to be a pain in the ass; you still have to put an ad in Cragslist, wait for a response, and arrange a pick up time with the person.  No way am I going to that much trouble when the garbage can is waiting with open arms, as it were.   So I gave in to her pleas (for she was pleading with me to let her sell them) and there's now three boxes of stuff with her name on it in my living room.  There's a few other things I don't use, but am keeping nevertheless; my DVD box sets, my writings and work from high school, and my sketch books, to name a few.  There's just some things that have to many memories to throw out.
  I just got rid of things today; I still need to clean the room.  I haven't cleaned anything in there yet, except for a little light dusting as I went along.  Cleaning it is not going to be an effortless task; everything needs to be done from vacuuming to washing the walls.  Yet that won't be until I have gotten all my things out of the room, which is still about a month away.  In the meantime, I want to get as much done as possible; as I said I haven't cleaned, really cleaned, up my room in about a year.   I will work on it some more tomorrow.
  There's something to be said to the almost therapeutic effect of cleaning though; it focuses your mind and allows you to temporarily let go of all the problems in your life.  Yet after all's said and done it's still cleaning; and really, who likes to do that?

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