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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love This Bar

  As I write this, it's eleven at night and I'm at The Backstage Lounge.   A little place down on Granville Island, I wouldn't think to go here to listen to music; in fact I stumbled on this place quite by accident.  It's become my favorite place to go three to five nights out of the week.  They have a very nice little stage with impressive sound and have some kind of band/DJ playing every night of the week.
  They either start at around seven/seven thirty or (most of the time) at ten or eleven.  I never used to stay up late until I starting visiting here (bad bad Daniel, you need your sleep!)   Yet I have chosen to forgo sleep while I'm still young; I still get about five hours a night, sometimes four.  The bands they get aren't recognized names, sometimes it's just a single artist, yet the music is always good.   I would have to say my favorite night is becoming those on which they have a DJ.
  The particular aspect of this place is their diverse crowd.  You will see all ages in this bar; sometimes older, sometimes younger, and everything in between.   On the nights they have a DJ, it's usually a younger crowd (that's often true as well of the nights they have their $2 beer!)  I love the DJ; it's nice to have just good pounding music to dance to.  The dance floor is jammed on those nights and I'm out there with everyone else; getting my "grove on".  I'm jigging and jagging to the beat, moving my feet and feeling the heat.   It's awesome!
  My only regret (if you can call it that), is that often even when they start at ten, they don't go past midnight.  I am not the all night type but would be happy to stay here til one dancing.  After a long hard day, this is the place I come to relax and let go.  Just get lost in the music and forget everything else for a few hours.
  The staff here are friendly as well; very nice hostess and only two or three different bartenders that are great as well.  I suggest to one and all if you haven't been here yet to come down and check it out; be warned it's not air conditioned as it's an old building so it can get quite hot some nights (especially when you're on a jammed packed dance floor).  Yet you're having so much fun you don't even notice.    The cover is a cheap 5-10 dollars (depending on what band is playing) and it's well worth it for hours of live music.   So come down one night (phone first to find out the time as there's no regular schedule); I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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