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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Admit It; I'm a bit of a PackRat

 Well, lot's of people do it; keep things in their house they don't use.  I do it as well; there's just a part of you that's attached to those items, even if you haven't used or looked at them in months or years.  Having to move into the back room of my house and clearing out my current room in the process, I look around and see thousands of dollars of things I don't use.
  Obviously, some things I do use and just have a lot of; for example I have two bookcases filled with novels.  I haven't read some of them in years but sooner or later I know I will go back to them.  The movies, on the other hand, are a different matter.  When you can watch virtually any movie or show online now, why would you want to, or need to, keep the physical DVDs?  I probably have around FIVE HUNDRED DVDs!  Do I ever watch any of them?  Nope, not a one; why then do I have such a hard time with the thought of throwing them out?  Maybe it's the money I spent on them, or the hundreds of hours I spent renting and burning copies of them.  For some reason or other I don't want to throw them out.  Yet the thing is, aside from the box sets I have, I know I will never watch them again; why would I bother when it's so much easier to watch the same thing online?
  When I was young I often would watch movies a million times; now I watch them once and move on to something new.  That is to say when I watch a movie, which is about once every two to three months.  It just doesn't interest me to sit and stare at a TV watching a stupid story of someone's imagination unfold.  I'd rather write, read a book, learn something new, go for a walk...there's so many more interesting things to do then watch tv.  Of course, I have my vices too; I have a peculiar weakness for vampire shows; there's a few other shows I follow during the fall as well.  Nevertheless, it's a very very small part of my life. Very small.
   It amazes me that when I clean my room (I'm ashamed to admit that's not very often), I always have a garbage bag of sh*t I throw out.  Why then does my room never seem to have less stuff in it?  I'm stumped; one of the mysteries of life I guess!  Since I am going to be moving all my stuff into the back room, I have to go through everything.  It's not going to be fun and I must say I'm dreading the task.  When I do go through it though, I am vowing to get rid of everything and anything I haven't used in the last few months; books and sentimentals being the exception.  The room I am moving into is going to be bigger but I am not entertaining the thought that I can have more room for cr*p.  I want the room to be as minimal as possible in material possesions, and have a lot of space to move in there.   My wonderful cousin has offered to help me sort through and get rid of stuff I don't need; she might rescind her offer though when she sees the state of my room.
   This is the perfect analogy of my life at the moment; sorting through everything and getting rid of the crap that's cluttering it up.  While it will be a big task, I am happy and grateful to say I don't have to do it alone.

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