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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Going to Miss My Hangout

  I have been going to The Backstage Lounge for a few months now.  I started off just going there once or twice a week, just for the heck of it.   Over time though, I've come to really like that bar.  The staff all know me by now, as I've been going there almost every night, and the atmosphere is really nice.  The music is good, the bartender is great; the couches are heaven.  Nevertheless, since I am going to class in September and it starts really early for me (9am), I will have to get used to going to bed earlier.  
  You may be thinking, "nine isn't early at all, what are you talking about?", well if you would indulge with me for a moment here.  I will be going to the gym before class, and to have enough time to do that, I will be getting up no later than five o'clock in the morning.  That's not a huge jump from normal; I'm only getting up half an hour earlier.  Yet, I will be in class for eight hours a day and will have to have some functioning brain cells during that time.  Unlike now, where it doesn't really matter how much sleep I am getting, I want to do well in this course; I want to do very well.  In order to do that, some sacrifices have to be made; those being that I am only going to be able to go out on Friday and Saturday from now on.  The only exception to that is when they start the music at seven, which isn't very often.  I don't know how challenging this course is going to be; consequently I am not sure how much sleep I'll need.  But until I start it and fine out, I want to try going to bed a little earlier.
   I will still go to The Backstage Lounge sometimes, even when it starts late; I seem to have trouble staying away from that place, not to mention it's my favorite way to just relax after a long day and let my mind go.  Still, it won't be the same as going there five or six nights a week; won't even be close.  That's just the way it works sometimes with life; you have to give up the things you want to get the things you need.

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