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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Phenomenon of Loving

  Sometimes it hits me, at just a random time of the day; how can we love people so much?  Unlike the way you choose your friends, you don't choose who to love.  Sure maybe in the beginning you decide to trust them, decide to get closer to them; to get to know them.  Yet when it hits you that you love them, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. They brighten your world, make you smile each and every day; make you laugh, cry, say stupid things, say things that ruins that tough image you may want to have.  You can't control it, although you try.  When you find the person that means everything to you, it is the best point of your life; that is to say, if they love you back.
  That person becomes your world, everything they say intrigues you; their smile knocks you off your feet.  You may have known them for years; gone to school with them, worked with them.  Yet you never really got to know each other.  It happens everyday; people reconnect after years to become friends.  Even though you may have not known them well before, the fact that you already know each other's name even creates the first part of the foundation that friendship is built upon.  You wonder how they could of been there before your eyes the whole time; while you haven't seen them.  All the memories you could of had; the years spent building the relationship gone, you have to start late, as it were.
   You don't quite understand how you can feel this way; how can one person mean so very much to you, be your last thought at night and the first in the morning.  Yet that is the reality; that is the truth.  Love is truly a phenomenon; nobody really understands it and we all have that moment where we feel like we are stumbling around in the dark, wondering how we could be so blind.   For love is truly blinding; when you love someone they are everything, you see nothing else.  When they walk into the same room as you, your eyes seek them out and then hold steady; you're totally oblivious to everything else around you.
   I don't think we will ever understand how love works exactly; and maybe we don't want to.  For while we want desperately to understand, the mystery is a big part of the attraction; of that excited feeling you get, of those glistening eyes that captured your heart.  Often, it's better to just accept something for what it is and enjoy it while it lasts then to try to analyze it to the point of destroying it; the mass spectrometer will show you everything in whatever sample it's analyzing, no secrets, no unknowns.  Yet to do that, to reveal everything in its element, the sample is destroyed and can never be brought back.   You have to realize that understanding something to the fullest extent, spending all your time analyzing it, can cause you to miss its beauty; can cause you to truly miss out on having and feeling something that won't be the same when you understand it.

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